Thursday, June 19, 2008

"The Bachelorette"


Down to 6 men

Deanna-"Richard is the perfect guy" (She felt this way cognitively. She's super sensitive like me, and was so worried that she hurt him by not giving him a rose, in fact she may be even more sensitive then me) giving a rose means that you want to get to know the guy better.

Trista and Ryan were apparently on another season of the Bachelor and met on the show (or was it a "bachelorette" show, i really don't know) anyhow they live in Vail now and have a baby. They are guests on this particular episode of the Bachelor, and the host asks Trista amongst other things what she thinks about this season.

Trista says "I'm in love with my life" One of her favorite guys this season is the same as mine, Jason, (the single dad.)

You know (elana's thoughts) I'll be surprised if Deanna chooses Jessie in the end. Personally, I wouldn't have gone out on even one date with Twilley. D. is a bit more open minded then me. D. and I have many personality similarities however she's significantly more traditional then me and likes "guys guys"

Jason says: " I always do my own thing." Jason loves his life. He's thrilled at how receptive Deanna is to his son, Tyler.

Shawn is in martial arts and describes himself as very competitive. Very materialistic, and tans! Here's another guy I wouldn't even do one date with. Ellen Degeneres said about Graham that he is "scared to death"

I (elana) also really like Jeremy. I'm not sure why the other guys hate him so much. The host said to Deanna that:

"Everybody thinks that Jeremy is a front runner"

Palm Springs


Deanna is terrified of heights like me. D. likes guys that are "guys guys" She loves the way Jessie "manhandled" his recreational vehicle when they were all out on a group date!

I think (elana) it's a bonus that Jason lives in Seattle (but that's just me, and that's one of the places I'd probably be happy in)

Jeremy and Deanna have a one on one date in a vintage convertible. They had their date at Sinatra's house.

Deanna feels loved by Jeremy. "Jeremy is perfect"

I predict she'll eliminate Twilly and Jesse.

any Bachelorette watchers out there?

fun, isn't it

I feel like I'm vicariously living thru Deanna, when they so rudely cut to commercial!

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