Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on Car Accident

I more closely reviewed the rules and regs. yesterday for rental cars, accidents and coverage provided. Turns out that the insurance that I had purchased only covers the first 1,000 dollars of damages. (I can't afford to purchase more insurance than that)

When I returned the car today and told the manager I was worried about what would happen after the first 1,000, he replied "well, your personal insurance (on your personal auto) covers the rest. I replied that I have no insurance. He said: "No insurance?!"

E-"Well, that's right, I don't own a car, so I have no insurance"

manager-"Then you might have to cover it yourself, I don't really know."

E-"Hmmm, so I might have to sue this lady."

Manager-"Don't know." "Loss prevention will be calling you at home, and you can discuss the details"

and for now folks, that is all she wrote.

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