Sunday, June 29, 2008

ABC "The Bachelorette" episode for 6/23/08

"I became a strong person who hid everything" Deanna

I can really relate to this. Blogging is teaching me how to not turn everything inward as I've done for most of my life, and still do to a large extent.

I'm surprised at how far things have progressed between Jesse and Deanna. Jesse is a lot like my "ex" who I was with until 94. It's really neat that the "meeting of the parents" went so well for Deanna. After my partner and I broke up, he told me that not one single member of his family liked or approved of me. Ouch!

Jeremy and Deanna

"I think it's hot that Jeremy rides a motorcycle." Deanna

I found it heartbreaking to hear Jeremy describe losing his mom and reading from his journal. Jeremy says he feels vulnerable and exposed and is falling in love with Deanna. I really like these last 3 guys alot, too back she can't do some kind of open marriage thing.

Deanna sees Graham as very closed off emotionally. Exactly how I was at 29. If I were more open, my ex and I would still be together, as he was very much the perfect match for me.

I'm glad Deanna nixed Graham. I really think that these last 3 men are wonderful men, but I think / hope that Jesse is the next one to be sent home, as I don't think he's as right for her as Jason and Jeremy are.


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