Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sleep Deprived/Accident Update

Soooo Soooo tired.  So little joy. You already know the big projects I'm working on like, trying to move, and trying to buy car, and now this accident thing is going to be very time consuming.

What I've learned in the last 48 hours is that most accident victims who are hit from the rear, go for physical therapy for 4 to 6 weeks. The "guily party" insurance pays for that. Then the victim at some point, is issued a "pain and suffering" check.

My last vacation was in 1993. It was funded by my 3,000 dollar pain and suffering check, as my partner and I were hit in the rear in 1992. So, I took the money and bought my round trip ticket to Melbourne, Australia since my partner got a job there in 7/93. I considered the first month in Melbourne to be "vacation" and the 8 months after that as "just day to day life."

So, I wonder how these insurance people calculate this "pain and suffering" stuff. My barista today said that she only got 7k when she was in her accident and she got PINNED in her car! She lost one month worth of wages as well. They had to cut her out of her car! A man made a very dangerous and illegal move in his car that caused the route 40 accident.

Back to the Elana case. The agent of the woman who hit me called me today. He took the injury report from me. Told him I'm going to physical therapy. He said he'll be calculating the "pain and suffering" payment. Then said that he'll call me every 2 weeks to ask me "how do you feel?!"

This does not set right with me. And I told him that, in so many words. I replied: "Well, asking me how I feel, well that sounds like a trick question! What IS the right answer?!" I asked him. Then I said, "Obviously you are going to take my answers to determine how much money to give me. He denied that and said: "No maam, I would never do that."

I told my friend David about this, and he said it sounds so fishy. He thinks I should get a lawyer. I told him I'll call legal aide (representation for the poor) He said, "no, you don't want a poor people lawyer, you want a real lawyer."


Donna said...

For a suit case, maybe you could get a "real lawyer." But I have a hunch that the Legal Aid Burea in Baltimore is way better than the sham they have in my corner of York County, PA. I had the distinct impression that a certain legal firm had privateered the bureau and, assured of its stipend, discouraged would-be bureau clients.

elana snyder said...

Legal aide balto city so unprofessional I will not return