Friday, June 22, 2012

"Birthday freebies"

I asked at Big Bucks today.

"How do I redeem my free birthday coffee?"

"You'd have to get a Starbucks card, put $5.00 on it, and then register it at the internet!"

"How ironic that I need 5 dollars to redeem a so called free drink"  (i'm dissapointed but this is how the entire society works.  I do not have any money at all)

About an hour and a half later an acquaintance came in, who I have never felt much of a connection with.

She asked me how things were and I said rough as usual.

She asked: (and has never asked before)  "Do you have enough money to buy a drink?

Me-"No, I do not"

Her-"You take this $5.00!"

I relayed the birthday story and the synchronicity of her giving me money for a birthday drink.  We agreed that there is alot of synchronicity everyday.  So, Starbucks is not going to mail me the coupon in time to redeem for the birthday, so I went ahead and bought my iced coffee today.  Too Much, ain't it?

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