Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Don't abuse use of the emergency rooms"

As I was telling you recently, about 10 or 15 years ago when I learned that America's e.r.'s are being vastly overused by the poor and uninsured, I did every thing in my power to stay out.  The result for many years was that I got stuck with ghetto clinics that were so poorly run that I was better off without a primary care physician it seemed.

Despite the fact that I've aggressively sought a pcp who takes medicare and will work with a patient who is in chronic pain; my search turned up nothing.  No doctors in Mountain Town will touch me.

However some specialists and some urgent care clinics take medicare.

So, I just received the claims received by Medicare for the period of 1/13 to 5/13.  Not all of the claimes have been recieved.  When they are, likely it will total about 8k or 8,000 dollars spent on me.

The official amt. at this point, that I've been sent a copy of is just over 5 thousand for that period.  Mind you, this is without the routine health care that I need.  This is just e.r., urgent care, and a 2 night hospital stay.

Chances are if I did have routine health care Medicare wouldn't have had to pay out so much...........

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