Monday, June 25, 2012

"More, on the birthday experiment"

I called taco bell to let them know I'd be coming over for the birthday combo dinner.  The employee said that "our branch doesn't do that"

Needless, to say, i called back 2 hours later and talked to the manager.

"Sure, Elana, just come on in and we'll let you hooked up!  I came in for dinner, she threw in a pie for good measure!

I called Carvel* ice cream about their birthday promotion.  I placed my order on line but could not find a way to print it out.  When I called I told Jamie that and she said:  "No worries Elana, my birthday is just a few days after yours, so come in and tell them that your scoop can be put on Jamie's coupon"

(When I got there there they said:  "What it doesn't say on the website is that we give just one child size scoop!"

I replied:  Even for adults?

"Even for adults!"

(I'll bet that had Jamie been there I would have gotten a sundae!)

That same day I showed up at Denny's for the free grand slam.  I knew that coffee isn't officially included, and of course I am penniless.

I kind of play dumb and ask my waitress if coffee is included.

"Are you an aarp member!?"

"Sorry, I can clearly see that you are not over 55!"

"I'm afraid coffee is not included, she said.

So my grand slam comes out, and there is one less sausage link and one less bacon strip then the menu stated.  The person who brought the meal out was a manager but i idn't know it.  I mentioned the diff. between what the menue said and what comes out.  She said "No, I'm sure the menu didn't say that"

So, I went to the front of the restaurant and looked at the menu.  Indeed i was right.

I'll give the manager this, she was super super sweet, and brought me out the 2nd strip, even tho' she thought I was wroung.  I showed her on the menu and she said, My master menu says something different!

She said:  "I heard you wanted coffee so we're just going to give that to you!"

Figuring that some places will honor your birthday with a 24 hour window on each side-I continued my research..........The Radisson no longer does free birthday dinner................................

Panera does but not the one in my town.........

Anywho, this has been quite an interesting adventure.  Now you know what to search for on the internet when your birthday gets here.

I forgot to mention, my waitress at Denny's turned 21 , 2 days before I had my b' I had her tell me all about it.  She said she got so drunk that she doesn't even know which club her and her friends were at!


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