Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Hi! I'm the birthday girl!"

I stopped being excited about birthdays around the age of 30-but, like I said, when I learned about companies that give you free crap for your birthday, I had to research it on the internet.

It looks like Ihop does free crap for your birthday, so I called them to find out the criteria.  I'd have to enroll over the internet, wait for them to mail me something, blah blah.

So I called up Evan* the manager and told him that by the time I wait for the thing in the mail my birthday will have passed.  He said "Just come on in and we'll take care of you" 

"I'll bring proof"  I said.

Evan-"Oh that's not necessary!  I believe you!"  (Now, here my friends is the difference in behavior between big city folks and small town folks!)

So I show up today, penniliess and announce:


He explained that if I order anything over 7$ then I'l have to pay the diff.  I said, well, since I'm penniless, I won't go over.

I got  a delicious stack of blueberry pancakes but I couldn't get anything to drink because it would have sent me over the dollar amount...........

The movie theatrie no longer does free movies for your birthday, just popcorn.  When the girl told me that I said:

"Geez, cutbacks affect every level of society, even birthdays!"

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