Friday, June 15, 2012

"The health care situation is abonable"(sic)

Michael Moore, I need you!  (movie-sicko)  In the 14 months I have been here it has been a health care merry go round.  I was always under the impression that Medicare was excellent health insurance.  Yet, practically nobody in Mountain Town accepts it.  Couple it with fibromyalgia/chronic pain and nobody will touch you.

So, I have used the e.r., and urgent care clinics in a revolving door sort of way.  Actually I only used e.r. 2x because i learned years ago what a burden it puts on the system when standard uninsured over use the e.r.  So I use the urgent care, but again, only in urgent situations. 

These diseases are excruciating pain that never goes away.  The only people in town I know that get pain medication are lying about their situation.  Some lie and get the medical marijuana.  We live in a society that rewards lying and penalizes honesty.

I can in theory go hours away for my health care............everything in this broken society, everything is such a grueling struggle.

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