Thursday, June 7, 2012

"A Culture of Sharing"

I just offered a wealthy, travelling, elderly couple to share my table, at this always crowded cafe.  I told them, that at this cafe, there is a culture of sharing tables.  (But I suspect that I'm the one that started it)  Boy was I surprised to learn that the wife felt that her sandwich was not worth the price.   I told her that this sandwich used to be a Dagwood sandwich, and lately is not as good.  I asked her:  "Would you be willing to file a complaint?"  She said yes.  We all got the same thing, and even tho' I asked the clerk to make sure not to skimp on the tempeh; the sandwich was not worth the price and they did indeed skimp on the tempeh.

I was also shocked to learn, that from her perspective the grocery store prices were outrageous!  I told her what I had learned about the extremely high cost of living here; and that it was officially listed on a website, as a very tough town to make a go of it!

We shared stories, but we never shared names.  I hope this culture of sharing tables takes off.  The author, Sark , loves to share her restaurant table with strangers too!

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