Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Little Black Spot"

I had heard something about this on NPR recently, perhaps a partial eclipse or something like that.  Today I was a walkin' down the street, and their was a young woman with the special glasses you use to look at the sun.  They did not cover my glasses in their entirety, so I didn't know how safe it was.  She said I'd see a little black spot on the sun, but later in the day would be even a better time to look.  I couldn't see it, but it was cool nonetheless.

(We won't mention that immediately after this random encounter, I saw a medium sized loose dog that decided to tour Mountain Town.  I thought it was going to be killed by the train somehow it knew to wait.  It appears it crossed a major highway.  This same woman was running after it, to no avail, and gave up.  I called the police hoping it wouldn't get killed-but kept my name as anonymous)

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