Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Really Exciting!"

The good news is that I finally found all of your comments!  But not even the librarian here knows how i can post your comments to my site.

The bad news is that, indeed, if you see a lull in my posts, it usually means that things are so horrible that i cannot relay electronically what is going on.  I mean it's always been true that for as interesting as you find what i am telling you, there is so much more nightmare stuff that would shock you that I CAN publish in a hard copy book but i CAN'T publish out here.

Blogger just changed their format and i so much want to publish all of your comments. Most of u want the best for me.

Johnnie / Bernie, HI!  Would you like to be on the team of people that help get my entire story out there!  The stuff in the journals that i can't put on this blog?  I live to publish.  I don't care whether or not I'm the one that gets it told, as long as it gets told by the right person!  And from my perspective!

The day to day circumstances are largely dismal with the only real breaks being that I am doing alot of dancing and singing...............................For the most part I have figured out how to live in the moment when it comes to the joyful stuff.

And yesterday, I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Personally, I believe (and Jennifer the bus driver agress with me) that Mountain Town's sunsets are far more spectacular then the Grand Canyon sunsets!

More later my fans.  I can feel how much you care for me even though I have not met most of you!

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