Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 on my mind

I watched 3 hours of specials on 9/11 over the weekend.  They were in depth looks, never before seen footage and lengthy interviews with survivors, paramedics and the like.   It was heartbreaking and very educational.  I'd post the shows however currently blogger no longers re-posts from you tube etc. ;(  I heard that there was an attack on the wtc in February 93 and if officials had done better follow through then 9/11 would likely never have happened.

This is not much of a surprise in that "they" say that the overwhelming majority of "accidents" of any type could have been prevented with a little bit of common sense.

On 9/11/2011 I was supposed to have gone to my second day at the temp. job.  However I was told not to go because the job was near a military base.  Also Baltimore county told me that they can't give me the security deposit they had promised me due to the attack.

The combination of these factors likely contributed to my next homeless episode because the landlords were not willing to wait any longer for the sec. deposit.

On 8/1/2011 I found an apt. to rent in a huge mansion in Roland Park and it seemed life was looking up.  When 9/11 happened it was like, well doesn't that just figure.  It felt like life would change a lot-and as we all know America has been forever changed.

My thoughts and condolences to everyone still affected by 9/11

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