Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Breaking Amish"

this show can feel disjointed.  Between the ridiculous amount of commercials and the week that passes between episodes it can get dis jointed.

I thought it was so sudden that the kids returned to their hometowns.  I thought the show should have better explained why the kids were returning.  Perhaps the show could no longer afford to pay their way in Manhattan or L.A.

I certainly can't keep track of all the fights the kids have with each other and often don't know why they are mad.

So, here's the big thing.  It's been revealed who Caden's father is; and that is Hoj. WOW there sure are a lot of unpredictable twists and turns.  Where in the world did Hoj and Lizzie have sex if she was supposed to b at work at the market!  I was surprised Hoj lives in Laurel.  I was fully expec ting that she met him at the Amish Market in Cockeysville, Lutherville, Maryland; the one I used to go to.

I have never even seen a black man patronize the Amish markets.  Anywho, Hoj is a beautiful man.  How f'in insane is it that Samuel confronted him on the very day he had his child.  Samuel is out of his bloody mind.

Lizzie thinks SHE felt different growing up, imagine how Caden will feel.  I'm pleased that L's family has accepted her back and the baby.  Does Lizzie really have the legal right to take Caden away from Hoj?  Certainly he has the right to file for full or partial custody.

The scene where Hoj says I'VE NEVER SEEN CORN LIKE THIS.

Then the camera pans to Lizzie saying: "It just isn't going to work"

Author's note: I did a fair amount of cross cultural and inter-racial dating in my 30's and it does indeed have a unique set of challenges.  I can certainly see why Hoj is angry and confused.

Hmmm.  Samuel telling Lizzie that he slept with Betsy.  L is right to feel her brother is a hypocrite.  At some point or another all the kids have been hypocrites............................................

Right now there is a child screaming on the top of his lungs for 20 minutes now, so I can't concentrate anymore on writing about the other kids on the show...........

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