Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Breaking Amish"

Wow, that was not very nice to leave Devon in Las Vegas.  Feeling abandoned is not a nice thinkg.  Did they leave him there because of his threesome?  If so, that's ridiculous. 

So, Sam has to leave Iva, i wonder what his job is and whether it's back in his Amish Community?  How will he go back without getting shunned?  I'm glad he forgave Iva for "cheating"

I like lots of curse words/but i do not like them saying "grow some balls" or "douche bag"  i think these are some pretty tastely phrases.

I'm stunned that Sam threatened to blind Devon!!  WTF?!

I feel excited for these kids when they go off to work on their career stuff. The sewing, designing, baking, it's really neat to see thse kids coming of age.

Surf lessons, wow!

How interesting that Richard* (Abe's brother?) was allowed to come to l.a. yet has to go back to punxy to see his p.o.!  Odd.

So adorable to see Samuel dancing and shouting out affirmations.  So glad he and Lizzie are back together!  But him saying to this stranger that he is tired of being a virgin!  What a moment!

How sweet for them to give her a baby shower.  AFter Matt made the little boy outfit, i wondered if he remembered to sew in snaps so the child's diaper can be changed?!

I do not understand how the "kids" had the power to evict Devon.  And I don't understand why they are so angry with him.  Almost every cast member has shown their ugly side and i do not see how Devon is any worse then anyone else!

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