Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Feel better then usual"

I've continued to experiment with the medical marijuana and most of the time i notice no difference for the better at all.  Today the pain is lessened in my severely problematic right shoulder neck and arm, also walking wasn't as painful today.  Hoping it is the mmj that made me feel better and hoping i'll have more good days.

I found a stray frisbee today there was a group of 4 playing and the frisbee ended up near me.  So, i threw it back and then joined in the game without asking!  They didn't have to ask, they just included me automatically.  Guess i played for 10 or 15 minutes when their game ended and i was absolutely stunned that i was able to play and actually b good at it like i used to.

This may be no big deal for the average person, but for me, who is so crippled up most of the time, it is huge.  Twas very joyful.

I will keep u informed.

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