Monday, September 23, 2013

"The Power of Music"

Perhaps it's true that most people are moved by music.  But with me, it doesn't just move me, it completely transforms me.

There are 3+ folks in Mountain Town who, whenever they see me instead of asking me:

"How are you?"

they ask:

"How are you sunshine?"

"Are you still singing?"

It absolutely does not matter how I feel physically or emotionally music but especially live music transforms me instantly, like a drug.

last Friday, I was on my way to a meeting (where no one showed) and I discovered an exceptional free outdoor live concert in the city square.

Within 20 minutes I felt CONSUMED with joy.  People ask me multiple times a day how can you have lived through so much yet still smile, sing , dance?

The only folks who are not too shy to dance are:

a 3 year old

a very drunk man

and a cowboy

There were some couples dancing but not on the stage.  One old hippie from N.M.  who was with his wife couples dancing for nearly an hour said to me: "Come on babe, let's dance"  so he motioned me toward the stage.

I can't NOT DANCE!

So, I went down there with the old hippie, then later the drunk guy and the 3 year old and danced.  One of the band members seems very pleased that I'm dancing and many folks in the audience have video cams.  It's a classic rock band that can do ABSOLUTELY ANY COVER PERFECTLY.

As far as how can a person, sing or dance or smile of they have survived so much?  There are certain things a person is born with and irrespective of what they survive those traits will always be there.

My musical soul cannot be taken away.  ;)

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