Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This show proves that there isn't a boring ancestry story on this planet!  Last night was featured Jim Parsons, best known as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory.

First of all when he said he is 40 y.o. I just about fell off my rocker, because he looks 25.  He finds first of all that he has French Louisiana roots. 

I did not write down the names of his ancestors so I will comment on the show as I remember it.  His one ancestor got published and was a founder of modern medicine as we know it!  He got published at 44 (same age as I did) then shortly thereafter died in a boat fire.

My sentiments about life, death and longevity are similar to parsons who said in essence: "Although it is a shame he died young, he got this newspaper write up which honored him as a human being and for his contributions.  What else really matters in life but to make your positive mark on the world and be remember in such a positive way?"

He also discovers that his French ancestors  were elite architects.  One was marble supplier to the king and one was architect to the king.  Wow!  Parsons enjoys this link immensely since he is also a very successful artist/actor.

This show is probably ultimately leading to many new members of


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