Monday, September 9, 2013

"Breaking Amish"

So, you already know that my favorite part of yesterday's episode was Betsy learning about her bio. parents and ancestry.  ;)

Mexican heritage-interesting that she now knows why she is unlike most Amish, and loves Mexican food!

AND her ancestor Abigail who looks just like her got accused of witchcraft at the Salem witch trials!  wow!  How neat that Betsy feels even more ready for the future in that she has an even clearer sense of her identity!

Sam loses his virginity with Betsy?!  I didn't c that "cumming!" (pun intended)

So neat that Matt has professionals willing to back him in his efforts to move forward as a designer.  He and Iva have shown great courage pursuing their professional dreams IN THE NEW WORLD!

I'm EXTREMELY surprised that the kids are going back home soon (where they grew up) and that seems terrifying!

Do you think Chapel will take Andrew back?  That would surprise me.

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