Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today I went to Dennys.  Normally I only go once a year for the free birthday breakfast but today I went because I knew that it was a do-able walk from the bus stop.

When I walked in, there were 2 folks in front of me waiting to be seated.  Instead of the "hostess" saying:

"How many in your party?" (to the man who was first in line)  She said: "Three?  Two?  One?!"

She sat me at a dirty table.  I was brought water in a chipped glass and coffee in a dirty mug.  The manager checked on me and I said: "this is not a good start! THIS IS SCARY!  Have you ever seen restaurant takeover I asked?  Yes, I do watch that show; he said.

The waitress came over in the middle of the comment and looked panicked.  She interrupted saying:  "what's wrong?"  (I didn't find it necessary to repeat the same thing to her, plus I didn't want her to feel blamed)

The manager quickly rectified the problem.  After brekkie arrived, the waitress intuitively asked me if I would like an extra plate.  (I did)

She brings me a plate that looked like it was out of the dirty dishes!  I call over the manager quietly.  I said," look at this please.  will you touch this plate?"  He seemed to be too afraid to touch it!  I said: "I'm alerting you because I do not want the waitress to feel like I am blaming her"

He takes the plate to the back and she says:


(Oh my god is right.  I am concerned for food safety and I will not go back.)

I consider not tipping her. But, she was in the restroom and I said: "This looks like a really tough place to work, and you are understaffed.

She said "We are understaffed, it's a very hard place to work, and I have some things going on in my personal life too" (she begins to cry)

me-"Well, you have a compassionate customer here"  "Have you ever seen restaurant takeover?"

her-"I sure have, she smiles.......and if they came here we would be in deep shit!"

I decide in the end even though I feel mad, to give her a fat tip.................................because I have done that kind of work/and I know we live in the land of low wage work.......................................

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