Monday, September 30, 2013

"Breaking Amish 2 hour finale"

Wow!  What is so amazing about reality t.v. is that it is completely unpredictable with no Hollywood endings.

One of the first things that crosses my mind as I see these kids making huge mistakes (perjury in court, violating probation) is what I know about brain formation.  I recall that the risk and judgement centers of the brain are not fully developed until some time in the 20's.  I sometimes wonder if that's why the kids can't see that there will possibly b serious consequences for their actions.

I mean I guess I'm glad that Andrew is paying a price for violating probation, on the other hand, I wouldn't want him to get much more then the 30 days because it was a non violent offense.

I'm not clear what it is that Matt is so embarrassed about when he said "I may have done something very bad"

Most of the kids are not articulate, therefore I can't always understand what they are saying.  Perhaps they should close caption the entire show!

I was so impressed with the final party that Samuel threw.  It shocks me that for the most part at this party, bygones were bygones and the kids moved on after frequent and serious conflicts.  I have no such skills.  My relationships typically dissolve even if their is just one serious conflict.

The most emotional and poignant aspect of the show is certainly LIzzie and Hoj.  I'm shocked that they are getting married.  Hoj really is a great guy and I am so impressed at how he steps up to the plate.

Can you imagine the courage it took for Hoj to show up at the Amish community?  wow!  Thank goodness Samuel permitted him on the property.  I assume he has no way to call or text Lizzie.

My gut instinct is that they are marrying too young/on the other hand, they are very loving people and hopefully they will b able to make it work.

How courageous of Matt to go back to LA.  Felicia is a wonderful and mature girl, and Matt will b lucky if she waits for him.

Hmmm.  Also thank goodness Betsy will have a place to stay and in the long run it's good she didn't remain in the marriage.

Iva and Sam seem like a good couple, hopeful they will be able to make it work.

Samuel and Lizzie: I wish I had a sibling!  I always wished that!  How lucky they r to have each other.

Off the top of my head I can't remember what's going on with Devon.............

I will certainly miss the B.A. kids and I look forward to the flds reality show coming up in November!

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