Monday, September 9, 2013


Oddly, due to Mountain Town's extremely difficult and weird climate I frequently become homebound.  Sometimes only get out every other day, or only for a couple of hours a day since i'm unable to walk:

on ice

 in electrical storms

through snow banks

and the like!

  It really sucks to get trapped at home in the Spring and Summer months!

One would expect to get trapped at home every now and again in winter-but we have had 9 straight weeks of rain, flooding and electrical storms sometimes lasting 12 hours! (Mountain Town had the most extreme summer weather in the duration of record keeping)

It sucks-it's really tough.

There is a city I'm drawn to whose winters  are easy-however  if I move there I will lose my rental subsidy which puts me at risk for another episode of homelessness.  ;(

Quality of life is still extremely poor and I seriously doubt that it will improve enough for me to deem it "acceptable"

But, I'm betting those of you who know that I'm coming into my 20'th years of extreme poverty probably also doubt that things will get better for me.

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