Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Modern MADNESS"

The whole technology thing is complete madness.  For example, I joined an org a month ago, then needed to ask a question.  Although they have a website there was no phone # provided.  I tried for a whole month to reach them.  I can't even find a snail mail address on them.  There website has a section called "help/contact us"

I tried multiple times over a period of weeks however there was a pop up that said "this section can't be used unless cookies are enabled"

(Nobody at the library knew how to help so I had to cancel my membership)

Also, I have been trying for well over 6 months to get my pics from my camera onto a flash drive as a small step toward moving forward with my photo dreams.  Nobody seems to know how to do this as there is no memory card on my model phone.

After many months of asking folks to help me I've gotten nowhere.  It turns out I have to find someone who owns an android phone AND a computer who has a great deal of tech knowledge before I can accomplish this.

One of the goals (with the 600 pics) is to create a photo blog or photo website.  Getting nowhere.


Yesterday I tried to change my address with social security over the telephone. After waiting 21 minutes for a rep to help me I gave up and hung up the phone.

Today I called again.  The automaton stated that: THERE WILL BE APPROXIMATELY A 23 MINUTE WAIT FOR A REPRESENTATIVE.

So, here I am at the library I just tried to go on the ssa gov website to change my address.  I tried 3x.  Each time the computer
"told me"


sO, now I will go onto google , get the snail mail address for ssa and send an old fashioned letter.

About 1/2 of the time at least I would have to say this all this modern technology seems to lower quality of life, not raise it.

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