Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Visiting the new medical marijuana dispensary"

So, the staff were fabulous and very very friendly and knowledgeable.  They had me fill out a variety of paperwork and disclaimers.  I had to agree to not operate a motorized vehicle!

I said to the clerk that "it is a very gray area and how on earth are authorities going to enforce it when

"marijuana is your medicine, and a car is your mode of transport!"

I told the clerk that I've tried mmj in 4 different forms, and while sometimes temporarily relaxing it has done nothing to lessen the everpresent excruciating pain.

She recommended "granddaddy purple" and let me smell it as well as other strains.  I looked at the prices of items and mmj is quite costly.  I did not have enough money to make a purchase, however I do still have a "caretaker" who this far has been my "supplier"  (SOUNDS SO ILLICIT!)  In the end I feel the best bet would be staying with edibles because of my sensitive lungs.

I will keep you informed!

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