Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"New York Times/Vietnam Legacy"

This article was essentially about how Vietnam vets left Amer-Asian babies behind that they never got to meet.  There are THOUSANDS of kids who never got to meet their parents.

"I need to know where I come from.  Without him, (father) I DON'T EXIST" says Trinh Tran, 46, on her inability to find her bio. father.

author comment- (me) I'm "lucky" in that, even before meeting my bio. parents I never felt like I lacked identity, never felt any kind of lowered self esteem-but I do know that statistically speaking-folks who don't meet their bio. parents in many cases have a tough life.


Betsy, from Breaking Amish has now met her wonderful , loving and accepting maternal grandmother.  Betsy now feels like she knows who she is, and she can move forward in her life.  Identity is a big deal it seems ;)

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