Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Modern day cable t.v."

Yes, i do take in some comedy sitcoms like everybody loves raymond and big bang and those older shows that i never watched when they were in their heyday.

But what i want to comment on is true crime, true t.v. and "reality t.v."

I believe that shows like

dateline msnbc

hotel impossible

restaurant impossible

bar takeover

locked up raw

drugs inc.

and good ol'

Honey boo boo

Nancy Grace

are opening people's eyes to tremendous diversity-everything from life is solitary confinement in prison-to an endearing look into the lives of "redneck families" like honey boo boo.  It's funny how t.v. can endear us to so many real life people so different from "us"  living their every day lives. 

What I love about shows like hotel impossible and restaurant impossible, is that I notice lots of detail in restaurants as well as the motels I've stayed in-and now these shows are confirming my experiences that there is more dysfunction and gross negligence then there are "healthy" places.

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