Monday, August 13, 2007


When I left the house I saw and heard a group of about 6 La Pew* residents yelling in front of the elevator. One of the women's dogs and leash were blocking my path. I said excuse me twice, she couldn't hear me so I made a wide loop to get around the dog, so I wouldn't get tangled in the leash. I didn't even bother trying to access the elevator.

In an attempt to cross Wyman Drive, 2 cars nearly hit me because they weren't looking for pedestrians.

I go to the pizza place and the entire floor is flooded with bleach and detergent while 3 employees decide to deep clean while patrons are dining!   I'm allergic to the chemicals but can't eat outside cause it's raining. I go to the back of the restaurant and eat my pizza fast. When I try to leave the one employee acts like he doesn't see me and is about ready to mop over my feet! I have to say: PLEASE WAIT FOR ME TO PASS!"

I go to cross the "super rude" grocery store parking lot, I'm in the crosswalk. I have right of way yet an old man who doesn't stop for the red light,  proceeds to nearly run me over by making a right turn on red WITHOUT stopping. I'm furious. I yell into the driver's side.


WAIT FOR WHAT?! he yells. MIND YOUR OWN GOD DAMN BUSINESS! he yells, angrily pointing and wagging his finger about an inch away from me.


(He only hears the first sentence, not the second. My friend Jack who is also a psychotherapist, said that my response was a healthy and normal one! cool!)

My heart is racing. I'm forced to cross one more street to get to the bus stop. A man in a truck makes his left before allowing me to cross. I shoot him an angry look. He stops his truck to get in the last angry look.

I can't believe the stress of all this hasn't killed me!

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