Thursday, August 16, 2007

"America's got Talent"/N.B.C.

Similar to American Idol, alot of the show is piddled away by talk, stalling and judging. I really don't think the voting process is very fair and that's why I'm not voting. About a month ago, I opened up my Baltimore phone book and looked up "Irwin"

I wanted to congratulate 14 year old Julienne for having made it on the show. But I was unable to find her #. Perhaps I can figure out how to get an email to her.

I don't really consider the judging process to be any more fair than it was with "American Idol" Because look at how far Sanjaya got on American Idol. He got that far based on looks, charisma, and sex appeal, not talent.

A.G.Talent is similar in that "Sideswipe" has been eliminated. They've been working they're whole lives and have a phenomenal and unique act and they have been eliminated. The Glamazons aren't good enough to have gotten as far as they did, however they are cute and I do enjoy them. They are not a one million dollar act.

Currently it is a tie between "Butterscotch" and the singing ventriloquist, Terry Fator. Butterscotch is an amazing talented beat boxer with unique gifts. Terry and Butterscotch are equally talented working in different genres. There really is no fair answer here. How could I possibly vote? Should I vote on whose act I think would attract the broadest audience? That would probably be Terry. But 20 somethings will flock to see Butterscotch.

Either way, they've both got great careers awaiting them. I will not be voting. Will you?

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