Monday, August 13, 2007

Public housing antics/up all night

I was up all night last night due to noise and upset that HUD is coming. I cleaned for about 6 hours to prepare. We only got about 36 hours notice. Why am I so upset about the "inspection"?

A. What exactly are they looking for? Subversive literature, drugs, bathtub rings? One resident got written up for having a bathtub ring!   Will they go through my drawers?

B. Who says THEYwon't steal from ME?

C. The maintenance men who have to let them in might steal from me again.

D. A scammer may knock on the door claiming they are HUD and do goodness knows what.

E. Will maintenance contaminate my food? (They've stolen my medication, so whose to say how far they'll go)


HUD came and stayed 15 SECONDS! What kind of an inspection is that? My apt. isn't up to code, but they didn't even notice.

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