Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The side effects of poverty are all consuming/reflecting on 8/21

Yesterday, I stayed "home" because I needed rest. But I cannot rest when I'm at home either. Til 2 a.m. I had woofers pounding through my floor, the effect of George and Ron's stereo's. I've called the police about 500 times since I've been living here, they come out to see if they can hear it (you're lucky if they come within an hour) they'll knock on the door and say "turn it down" But there are no repercussions for Ron and George. As soon as the cop leaves the stereo goes back on again.

I can't even think when I'm at home. To top this off, the people above me sound like they are doing construction projects. From noon to eight it sounded like a jack hammer going over my head.

All together yesterday I called the police 4x. I also contacted city council and asked if they can advocate for me regarding the thefts. This week they stole my trac phone, underpants, new homemade tye die socks. The asst. to city council said that I can't change my lock since the lease doesn't allow it. As I said, I know the maintenance men are doing it.

So you want to know why it's so hard for people to get out of poverty. You spend so much time just trying to get through each day and on top of that you are trying to normalize your life. It's harder work than any middle or upper class person has ever had to do.

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