Monday, August 13, 2007



Helen (my adoptive mother who I haven't seen in 17 years) was being really nice to me, we had a peaceful and brief conversation. She gave me a 50 dollar bill that had been folded up so many times it looked like a tiny square.

She said: "What did you do with the car I lent you? Where is it?" I told her I hadn't taken it out. Turns out she gave me the key, I put it on the passenger seat and the car was stolen.

Next thing I know Helen and I are in the back seat of some car that is doing 100 mph and hydroplaning. I wonder if I'm going to die. The car stops at a church or school. There are thick crowds of people in front of and inside the church. A man asks the crowd "Whose seen the Laverne and Shirley show? I raise my hand. He grabs my wrist and flies me away, I am now seperated from Helen.

I wake up.


I have so little control over my real life, and the dream shows that everything is chaotic, and I have no control there either. I remember my dreams daily. I'm open to you "dream interpreters" comments!


g said...

To dream that you car has been stolen, indicates that you are being stripped of your identity. Since you are in the backseat of the car, then it indicates that you are allowing others to take over. Overall, the first half of your dream may be a symbol or an indication of your dependence and degree of control you have on your life.

To see the outside of the church in your dream, is representative of your value system and the things you hold sacred. To dream that you are flying, signifies a sense of total freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.

In anycase that is my interpretation.

elana duchane said...

Awesome! Thanx!

elana duchane said...

Very interesting, ty!

elana duchane said...

Very interesting, ty!