Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The final episode of "Age of Love" NBC

It ran for 6 weeks on a monday night and i didn't miss an episode. As a reminder it was a reality dating show and i became completely emotionally invested in it! Mark Phillapousis (who has totally won my heart) is the 30 year old professional tennis playing bachelor from Melbourne Australia. He was supposed to find his Mrs. right from 2 groups of women. One group in their 20's and one group in their 40's.

He was supposed to bring Meghan (21), Jen (48) and Amanda (25) from the u.s. to his home in Melbourne, as he had eliminated all of the other 10 women. At the last minute Megan freaked out , because of her fear of flying, and couldn't go to Melbourne. That was very hard on both Mark and Megan. It broke Mark's heart that Megan wasn't able to overcome her fear. But I know from experience that once your panic attack sets in, nobody is going to talk you out of your fears.

I had a major panic attack when my ex and I were driving through the Colorado mountains in the early 90's. hive's you name it. there was nothing he could do to allay my fear of heights!

Anyhow, one of the things that was really sad about the last episode of Age of Love was that Mark reallly wanted to continue dating both Amanda and Jen, but the constraints of the show forced him to choose. I was shocked that he chose Amanda as Jen was so much more confident and secure and not as manipulative as Amanda.

Jen and I have something huge in common. We both left behind wonderful, wonderful men in Melbourne (as that is where my marriage broke up and I blame it on myself)

I am really going to miss Mark!

I tried to go on to the website to discuss the show but was unable to get in.


The last line of the last episode was Amanda saying: "Now, we'll live happily ever after" Apparently that is what so many think when they get married. Amanda is one lucky woman.


Anonymous said...

i completely agree with you about Jen, she was more confident and i totally thought he was going to choose her, but i was very wrong! oh well, we'll see how "happily ever after" is--i'm sure there will be a reunion show of some sort--one question i did have, when Maria eliminated herself, he told her that he was going to ask her to stay, so if it was Maria, Jen, Amanda and Megan, who was he going to eliminate then?

becky624 said...

that's a great question about the 4 women. meghan is very healthy on every level. she knows she's young, and that's o.k. i think if it weren't for the (sad) constraints of the show, mark would continue dating all 4 women and not rush into a decision. mark sure is a high quality man, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

I think Mark is headed for a serious acting career, as a result of his academy award winning performance on the AGE OF LOVE. He truly had everyone thinking JEN was the one; when really it was AMANDA who had stolen his heart!

He knows how to keep everyone guessing. I'd like to see him on another show, also.

I'd like to see AGE OF LOVE reverse the situation, with one bachelorette and many men in their thirties and fifties - or twenties and forties - all competing for that one bachelorette.

I truly believe that this was Mark's debut into a very successful acting career, if not in the immediate future, in time....

I'll write again... THANK YOU!