Thursday, August 2, 2007

Violent section 8 housing

The latest with me is this. About 100 dollars worth of stuff and belongings has gone missing in the last 2 weeks from my apt. And Im not permitted to have a lock where maintenance doesn't have a key! ;(

Yup, it's the maintenance men.

Was advised which security camera to buy. Got it home, clerk told me the wrong thing, it doesn't tape record. Obviously I have to move, and obviously I need some belongings with me inside my current apt. They will steal anything, I feel so powerless. Guess, I'll have to try to find another security camera, but don't really hav the strength to keep living like this.

It's draining, terrifying to live somewhere where every time you leave the house you know something else might go missing.

Putting lots of time into finding another home. Could take years to move to another section 8 apt, with the wait lists and all, so in the meantime I am exploring intentional communities in the surrounding states. Hope to visit one this weekend. (

Had blood rechecked today for Lyme disease. Eager for the results. Not sure whether my primary care physician is equipped to handle my symptoms but I'll ask him. 24/7 pins and needles in my feet, legs, arms and hands thats been worsening. Limbs always falling asleep. Many other scary symptoms. Will keep you posted.

Where is the joy?

Well, there is one piece of good news. My first piece has been accepted for publish in the Urbanite magazine.

The piece is called "all in a day's work" and will appear in the october issue of the urbanite. It's the only good news that I have for now.

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G said...

Congrats on getting the acceptance!