Thursday, August 16, 2007

Public Housing Antics/Daily Rituals

As you know I've gotten most of my valuables out of the house. It's still traumatizing each time they steal, but at least it will be mostly stuff that's replaceable. Today Debbie took 3 boxes of stuff to put in storage. I had to part with those last 10 c.d.'s that I had really wanted to keep with me, but I'm simply going to have to go through a shift in my thinking to survive where I live. I'll simply have to view it as emergency shelter as opposed to a home, that way my expectations remain low.

The robberies consume me night and day. When I'm home, I'm always wondering what else is missing. If I can't find an object, the first thing I think is: "Did they steal that too?"

When I went to the grocery store today I had to shop with the mindset that the maintenance men will steal whatever looks good. So, I hid the cheese under the juice, the crackers under my comforter, the tapes under my pillow, the journals under textbooks, the list of belongings under the bathroom towel and the change in that very clever place. They won't want my cereal, I purposely bought health cereals and soy milk cuz they won't want that. Hmmmm, will they steal my lemonade? Unlikely, it's organic. They won't want my nectarines or bananas.

I had to take most everything out of the living room drawers and put it on top of the dresser, that way, as it gets stolen I'll notice more quickly.

Blast the radio, put an 8 by 11 sheet of paper in the front door. That way, if it's gone, or in a different position, I will know that the maintenance men have been in my place. Maybe I should just leave the dirty dishes in the sink, that way they won't steal those dishes at least.

Some people accuse me of not working. But survival is very very hard work!


The Barista said...

You go through too much for such a nice person.

becky624 said...

thank you. as you can see, life is not fair! i think the concept of karma is bullshit