Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Home Security

My belongings are still dissapearing, I've lost about 100 dollars worth of stuff in the last month. I've been pricing security systems and I can't find anything under 350 dollars because I don't already own a vcr or dvd. And I'll bet the fact that my t.v. is 30 years old will also mean more purchases.

The manager down in GA claims that if I can catch these maintenance men stealing from me on video that she will fire them instantly.

I also called around for renter's insurance. There's no point. There's a 500 dollar deductible and they won't due a full on investigation unless I've lost more than 500 dollars worth of stuff. The one agent said that because my apt. complex has no deadbolts she probably won't be able to write me up a policy at all! And we're not allowed to install deadbolts! If we do, management will just take it out!

I'm looking to move but even that is going to take quite a long time since I can't afford fair market rent. I've toyed for 12 years on moving to one of the egalitarian communities, but I just don't think I'm fit enough to handle all of the manual labor involved. In an egalitarian community you work 45 hours a week and get free room and board. All monies are shared. I'd like to get ahead and you aren't allowed to save there. On the flip side, there are many aspects of the life that are appealing.


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IndyBookMan said...

I cant believe you are still having to deal with this. They won't do anything unless you get them on video?

Cant they imagine the the thieves would steal anything you used to surveill them?

"Ok, im gonna take this vcr, this radio, oh and Im gonna take this computer too... but Im gonna leave that video camera that is taping me. I already have one of those."

Why is the burden of proof on you? You have things being stolen from your apartment, I think it is on the management to be a little proactive.

becky624 said...

that's exactly right, the head manager in georgia said she can't do anything unless i catch them on tape and the police here in the city just blow off my concerns. she (management) said (i should have her put it in writing but i know she won't) that if i catch them in my apt. by tape, she'll fire them immediately. you're right, although the burden of proof shouldn't be on me, i have accepted for now, the fact that the baltimore based staff are totally unprofessional and downright mean, and i only go over their heads, (to georgia) for my concerns because i know staff here don't give a damn, and i've been told that the la pew office staff KNOW that maintenance steal from us! i've come to the sad conclusion that la pew apts. are my "emergency shelter" and will never be a home. as for the person who responded in french, i have no idea how to find the english version but i wish i could!

2 file briefcases have been stolen in the last 2 weeks as well as my expired passport. i feel like i am being raped over and over. thank you for taking the time to respond brad!