Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"You got da baddest walk in Baltimore" (public housing antics)

I was telling my chatline friend Steve, that what would be called "sexual harrassment" in white mainstream culture, isn't sexual harrassment at all in other cultures, it's just the way men relate to all women.

In the 2 years I've been living at La Pew there have been 3 or 4 men in my bldg. who regularly harrass. Like "Studley" He's a pain in the a__, but harmless. Everytime he sees me he feels compelled to tell me how he perceives my walk. I joke and kid and treat it lightly but I really dislike it. One time I responded: "Oh, do I still have that walk? I didn't realize it!"

Studley is always dressed like a pimp. The other night he was drunk and with a male friend. He yelled down the hall at me. "There's the Dundalk girl!" (I'm from Randallstown) I said "Nope, Randallstown" "Oh, what year did you graduate?" (Of course I know he's calculating my age) I said: "Guess" He replied: "93?"

E-Nope 81.

S-You're not that old.

E-Yes, I am.

S-turns to friend, "she got one helluva strut" "Girl, you got da baddest walk in Baltimore!"

(As a writer, I loved the phrase and couldn't let it pass me by without sharing it with you readers!)

I may have one well of a hard life, but I'm a writer and will always have a sense of humor!

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