Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Oprah Special/Hurricaine Katrina, 2 years later

I intentionally stayed home for the special. I still haven't gotten to see "when the levees broke" with Spike Lee. I was severely depressed for many months after Katrina. Because it is so similar to what happened to me so it hurt all over again. The Katrina special was mostly pretty sad. New Orleans crime is slightly higher than Baltimore's now. One murder per day there. The people who go down there to help rebuild, sometimes get murdered.

The special was very comprehensive. After Katrina happened, I thought, these people won't recover for years, if at all. What happens to them will be what happened to me.

They will get caught up in endless governmental red tape, and their "job" will be to survive from day to day. They will find there is no affordable housing, they won't be able to access decent health care, they won't be able to afford food, they will suffer from severe depression and post traumatic stress syndrome. Turns out that suicides have been very high in all regions affected by Katrina.

The people who are still in the Fema trailers, are suffering with the same maladies as I do because the trailers are an environmental nightmare. So many American structures built in the last 30 years or so. With sick building syndrome people suffer bloody noses, sinus infections, migraines, and asthma for example.

Just imagine how much better these folks would be doing if we weren't spending so much money on destroying Iraq!

They tried to end the Oprah show on a hopeful note,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you can donate money to Oprah through her angel network, or you can go down there and do some hands on work for example.

I try to show hope in most of what I write, but I also want to be honest. For this particular piece, I'm simply going to say that, many many Americans have been virtually forgotten.

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