Monday, January 14, 2013

"Addendum to "letter from birthmother"

After I poasted the "letter from birthmother" i realized that after she wrote "love, mother" she write another page.

Here it is:

"I am the last person on earth who could be considered a "golddigger"  That ASSHOLE (she is reffering to father) never did anything for me.

Things are different these days with dna testing; he WOULD have been held accountable!

I've been a people pleaser TOO DAMN LONG.

My battle now is just trying to survive my very difficult situation and health issues.  Good luck with yours.

Your father is:

hateful and vindictive.  He has tried to destroy me.  THE nicer I AM to people the more I am taken advantage of.

In an attempt to exclude himself from any responsbililty, he has sullied my reputation in order to get himself off the hook.

I PROMISE: NO MORE LETTERS MENTIONING YOUR FATHER!  I am on my way out of this cruel world and will not conform to what anyone else wants me to be.


The nicer i am to people the more i get shit on and taken advantage of.

(the end)

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