Friday, January 25, 2013

NPR/Roe vs. Wade/Fresh Air

Although i have figured out how to share links off of you tube, i do not know how to share links in any other case unfortunately or i would share the link for this show "We have no choice"  which aired on NPR "fresh air with terry gross" approx the 22nd of this month.

Most amazing was listening to Carolyn Jones from the church run program "involved for life" 

I know when I was a young adult it was not difficult at all , in fact it was commonplace and eas to find a "Planned Parenthood" if you needed one for whatever reason.  I suspect the most common reasons was for general women's health issues.

But I was dissapointed to learn that now, because of drastic funding decreases to secular organizations and women's health clinics, we have really gone backwards.

Involved for life, coerces women to not have abortions because supposedly it's dangerous or against "god's" will.

So poor girls or women some as young as 15 are not only encouraged to keep their babies despite having no partner or money, but they are also encouraged to remain abstinent even if they are MARRIED!


I thought of a young woman i know, only 23 years old here in Mountain Town.  She is partnered but in poverty with 3 girls.  She is living in complete squalor in a crowded trailer home.  She told me about the pregnancy center here in mt. town.

She said they "do not promote abortion"  , and do not provide access to birth control and discourage couples from having sex unless they are trying to procreate!  What is this the frickin' 1800's?!

Although the org. is generous about supplying babie's needs, they are oblivous to the quality of life this couple suffers.  The mom is very loving and seemingly adaptive, but dad seems despondent.....................................

This situation in our country makes me feel a little less judgemental against poor families who are procreating up the wazoo!

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