Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Even the "complaint" department is broken"

So, I have been waiting 5 years to get into a pain managment clinic and everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.  I did get into one a year ago, and the whole operation was a sham, and not one single employee understood English.

 3 months ago i was referred to dr. joan* the pain management specialist in mountain town*

In the eleven weeks that have passed the office continuously lost my paperwork.  They assured me that the health van* will get me there since the doctor moved to los angelos*  One is only required to let the health van know one week in advance that you need a ride.

When i did that today i was referred to 3 different workers.  I am finally told "oh, the health van doesn't service l.a.!*

At this point a librarian has the nerve to come over and tell me to be quiet!  I said, you know the fact that you are reprimanding me is incredibly hypocritical.  I am in a quiet corner away from people and it's the most logical time to make a call.  Plus, the tb coughing in here is deafening , as well as the basic level of noise most of the time!  I know that you didn't make the rules but I do think this is incredible hypocrisy!  (At this point, I fill out a complaint form about her complaint, and give it to the manager, who i have a very good relationship with!)

I called the pain mgmt. clinic and told them I don't even know who to file the complaint with that all of my hard work was for naught.  The secretary said: "If it happened to me i wouldn't know where to file the complaint to either!"

So, back to square one!

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