Monday, January 14, 2013

"Talking back to NPR!"

Some of my best "conversations" are when I talk back to NPR!  Nearly every show they do wows me.  I was THRILLED yesterday to hear Alex Kotlowitz's voice on "This American Life!"

Because the show was about somehting that I care deeply about, write about, and have been discussing with my friend Jackie who is a female survivor like me.

We both have PTSD, and I have been purporting "forever" that the effect that violent crimes have on civilians is nearly identical to what it is in vets!

Kotlowitz said what I have been saying for years!  "There is nothing POST about post traumatic stress disorder!"

Readers, please check out that broadcast:

it aired on 1/13/13  "This American Life" and I think it might have been entitled "The Doppleganger Effect"

I read Alex's essay entitled "There are No Children Here in Spring 05.  I never would have guessed that i would live an even more frightening version of what he describes in this essay.

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