Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Practically no control over my circumstances"

I say this because what good is a shoelace if you have no shoes!  I can't walk though the snow and ice to get to the recycle container, i certainly can't do that if i am carrying a heavy load!

So, I asked my neighbor:

Look, i can't get to that bin.  Would you please bring that bin to this point so i can put my recycle in?

yes, he replied.  next day it was not done

I ask another neighbor, he is very hesitant, and says but tomorrow morn isn't pickup, i said yes, but i need to get help when i can get it.

He brings the bin to the point i need it to be so i can put the stuff in.

Next day the other neighbor puts it back in the snow, so i still can't get it to curb!

I call the city tell them i need help, and they tell me a long drawn out procedure involving the city needing verficiation from my doc that i can't do this myself.  i told him i do not have a doc.

Does anyone else have a life where every waking moment is just a cluster f#$% of everything going wrong because the other parts can't do anything right?


I have a tentative appt. at the pain clinic, but i have had 6 employees make seperate calls about how they lost my paperwork, and how i have to reschudule!  So, even after the manager said "that's not true we have your paperwork!"  next day i get a call from that same office "no we don't"

So, i do not know whether i will get to finally get into the clinic because nobody knows what they are doing!

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