Monday, January 7, 2013

"Car Talk"

The other day I heard this clip on Car Talk.  I will paraphrase to the best of my ability.

NPR caller-"Hi you guys"  I think I'm trapped inside a country music song"  I had an accident so went to the hospital, then they said "you have cancer" then my wife left me

tapper-"did your dog die too?!"

yes!  he replied

caller- "So, now that I'm single you need to tell me what kind of car i need to buy to attract chicks!?

Tapper-Well, what is your target demographic?  If you want 18 to 22 then you need a vw beetle!  I'm guessing you are about 60!

Caller-sounds good

tapper-what is your upper age limit?


tapper-you can go with a mazda miata also.  why don't you throw in a puppy for good measure?!

caller-well, if i get a pup where should i put the girl?

tapper-just have the pup run along side the car while you are driving!


Author's Note

The folks who call into the show, always have cars that are more then 20 years old, and money to burn.  The answer is to buy a newish car or one no older then 10 years old, which will put car talk out of business!  Sadly, they are retiring, and car talk will be no more.  Will have to find another place for a good laugh!

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