Friday, January 11, 2013

"The latest with the pain clinic/life in hell"

As you know, it was a 90 day process to get the appt. scheduled with a series of very stressful mishaps.  When I called to book the "medicaid" van, they said, "we don't go to mountain town suburb!"

Back to feeling paralyzed.  I can't function with so much pain as it is!  I call the clinic and tell D. that the van isn't going to take me.  I ask her what would she do if she where in my boat.  "She said I have no idea"  So, she claims she went ahead and cancelled the appt.

All together i've been waiting almost 5 years for pain mgmt.

Now, because the staff at the clinc are all screwed up and don't communicate with one another, i get yet another call today from another secretary at the clinic.  (i cannot believe my life)

She told my v.mail that i have this appt. on weds!  I call her and tell her that the ofc. mgr. cancelled the appt. because the van won't take me and why is it that she doesn't know that?  I said "Geez you guys are all working as individual units, with no communication with the rest of the staff!"

Her response realy impressed me and I thought she was very professional!  She laughed and she said "you aren't kidding, they just hired me here and the communication in this office is lousy!"

She proceeded to advise me to talk to the director of the medicaid van service to complain!

When I called the transport. office I asked to speak to the manager.  Here is what happend i am not kidding you!

hi may i help you i am mary!

me-"Mary, may i please speak to a mgr.?"

mary-"sure no problem, i will transfer you"

bob-"hello, this is bob may i help you?

me-bob are you a mgr?

bob-no i'm not would you like me to transfer you?

me-yes please

jim-hi i'm jim may i help you?

me-jim, are you  a mgr?

jim-no i'm not would you like me to transfer you?

(all together i had to go thru 6 employees before i was sent to the mgr!)

 the whole thing got worked out and i am supposed to go on wednesday.  Ironically, it's because her staff are so disorganized that this ride thing will work out.

Boy, life is exhausting.  I will let you know if this doctor ends up being able to give me a semi normal qol. 

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