Thursday, January 31, 2013

"At the Pain Mgmt. Clinic"

So, it would be completely foolish for me to get my hopes up about anything, so i try not to and that is probably a good thing.

The waiting room was extremely small and as oppressive as the public buses.  We were given a crowded bench to sit on which ironically increases your pain if you are prone to that.  There is a woman in her 40's who is wailing in pain, there is a creepy looking 20 something dressed goth who looks very angry and is playing these super loud video games.  At one point he calls his father an asshole, after suggesting to his father to "give me a call on my cell when they call my name, i'll be a few blocks away at the game store!"

The boy said to me "I hope you plan on throwing away your water cup, if you don't it will drive me crazy!"

(his aura was so creepy i told him i will ABSOLUTELY throw my cup away) He complained to his father that the wall is moving and crushing him.

The recep. told me that the reason there are no upholstered chairs is because the patients all urinate all over them........


You would think, in theory at least, that physicians would LOVE patients like myself who have kept a detailed health log for 20 years!

Instead, the dr. asked me 3x who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.  As i did i quick synopsis of my hx., telling her that initially when fm was not much known, i dx myself with chronic fatigue syndrome.  She seemed disinterested.

I told her that i was at a clinic in 97 for something else, when a temp. intern dx me with fm.  When she asked me 2 more times who diagnosed me, I said "I just told you!"

She said: "I don't think you and i are going to get along, so I'll walk you to the xit door!"

In grand dramatic fashion, I stopped at the recept. desk, and told the recep:  "She is dismissing me because she doesn't like me"

(I enjoyed getting the last word then I promptly shut the bldg. door before the doctor could get in the last word!"

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