Monday, January 28, 2013

"It's common to be stood up"

It's common to be stood up by nearly everyone.  It's common to be stood up by doctors as well.  At least in my life.  Today 3 patients traversed a mile by foot on snow and ice during a winter storm just to be stood up by the doctor.

I had only been waiting 15 minutes, when A PATIENT alerted me that the dr. wasn't coming in!  I went to the recep. and said "excuse me by why am i being alerted by a patient instead of a staffer here.  And why am i not given the common courtest of a phone call well in advance of when I need to leave the house?"

The recep. said she's only known for a minute that the doc isnot coming in.  Other staffers heard and one said "you have every right to be angry, would you like a complaint form"  I said "well, i like him as a person so i hesitate to go over his head with a complaint!"

I settled for writing an handwritten note on an 8 x 11 sheet up paper saying exactly how i felt and how unprofessional it is!  The secretary put in on the dr's*desk.

You see that I frequently use astericks.  Often times I am forced to change names or locations but this story really happened and it happens in every segment of society.  I am disgusted.

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