Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Practically nobody can be trusted"

I told agency a that i was going to be applying for the disability van.  They said"come into our agency and we'll help you with application"

My first thought was, well i dont need help, but o.k.

So, the agency didn't tell me that they had their own form that they were going to fill out also.

So, I get called into the bus company to review my appl.  Should I be surpirsed?  She says:  "Everything your doctor filled out contradicts what you filled out!"

I looked at it wondering what she meant by "doctor"  Turns out a clinician who doesn't know me or my circumstances filled it out, i could not believe what she said.  She got every single thing wrong regarding my physical health!

Certainly not the first time i felt pissed with this agency for their screw ups.  I looked at the answers she gave and thought:  how could she possibly fill that out without asking me first!  She  just made crap up!

The person who does the approvals, said "it's not your fault that this app. was filled out wrong.  Now, "i'm not supposed to do this" (that's always a fun phrase ehh?)  "but i am going to approve you for 12 weeks while we get this worked out, because i know you are telling the truth about your disase.................................

more stories later

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