Thursday, June 26, 2014

"A car is a NEED"

One of my followers is bjh, he goes by johnnie.  He's one of the only followers who I met in person.  He told me that in regards to my blog, don't worry about being repetitive.  Sometimes you need to repeat yourself to get the point across.

that being said: a car is a NEED  not a want; this is true for nearly every American.

  Especially for folks with disabilities.  Yesterday I noticed a heading for a news article entitled: "When you absolutely NEED a car"

Let's face it.  Most Americans cry if their car is in the shop for even one bloody day.  There are about 20 percent of Americans who have do  without all the time.

On my birthday, which was Tues; I spent seven hours and twenty six minutes commuting.  I carefully re did the math to make sure it was 100% accurate.  Yes, between waiting, transferring, and walking I wasted 7 hours and 26 minutes!  How many of your friends could tolerate a quality of life like that?

Occasionally I hear calculations that experts do on how much time Americans WITH cars spend commuting per year, or per lifetime.  Why aren't more people researching how those of us without cars live?

the ad, regarding "when you NEED a car" was an ad for zip car an environmentally sound car rental company.

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