Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Making a difference"

Some of my favorite ways to make a small difference in Mountain Town.

When I eat a restaurant meal it is always more then I can eat, frequently it is 2x what I can eat.  By the time I return home on the bus food would just be spoiled by me having been out all day.

Typically, as long as I'm in the downtown area, I can find at least one hungry person within 5 minutes who wants the other 1/2 of my meal.

#2    As long as it's more then 45 degrees outside there are going to be street musicians and buskers.  In addition to dropping a quarter or more in their tin, I like to either buy them a large ice tea, or bring them a big cup of ice water.

The sun is dangerous here and it is easy to get dehydrated.  I hope you enjoyed this post.

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