Monday, June 30, 2014

"Return to Amish"

Mary and Jeremiah's store looks wonderful.  But I don't think Mary realizes the naughty connotation that the stores name has!  MOTHER SCHMUCKERS?!  Certainly is memorable.  I think they can make some money.  I know I love the Amish Store in Cockeysville Maryland.  The amish drive down from Pennsylvania at like 3:30 in the morning to sell their wares there.

Andy's proposal to Chaple.  So initially she says no, and then she says yes.  He won't take no for an answer?  That's very aggressive.  I have to admit I'm surprised that she said he has always been there for her.  I sure can relate to her.  My belief is that men don't want women who are disabled or chronically ill unless they fell in love with them before she gets ill.

I think it is wonderful that mary told jeremiah that "I think you are a great person"

 I sure can relate to Jeremiah's situation with his adoptive mother....................Mary said she likes being amish and doesn't want her husband to leave her.  That's understandable but that she needs to go infront of the church and the bishop to "atone" for basically( in my eye) "attempting to live her life to the fullest"

Jeremiah asks about his discount the first thing? that's nuts!

No I did not know that he was adopted.  that would partly explain his struggles.

Abe to Rebecca: "I quit Andy"  I feel he should have had a one on one with Andy.  And also what are these bloody rumors?  Should he really quit his brother due to rumors?  I felt Andy had a right to be mad and he and chapel handles themselves well.  Rebecca thinks she has so much wisdom, but no, I don't think so.

Like Andy I was also raised to suppress thoughts and emotions.  I couldn't even blink an eye without "mother" punishing me.


Kate visits Sabrina.  that's real sweet.  And I have always loved Pennsylvania so I can see why that was such a nice get a way.  I'm curious how Sabrina's bio family feel about the baby. I sure do hope she gets the support she needs and I'm glad she has Rebecca and mary.

Katie ann is on her first date!  The guy criticizes her first fish.  Crazy.  She says he's cute.  I gotta tell you those hut parties do look both scary and wild.  I was a goody goody like Katie ann and can understand wanting to stand off on the sidelines.  I'm glad this guy is not  going to treat k.ann any differently just cuz her parents are  being shunned.  She's a cute girl and looks real nicein the English get up.

There's Matt, I forgot about him.  I hope Andy offers to pay him for him designing an outfit!

Harry, Sabrina's partner is cute.  Boy I sure could not have handled going into labor with the fact that I have excrucitating pain the moment I wake up! I'd say that being in labor would have been absolute hell anytime in my 30's or 40's.  I'm very pleased that Harry will step up to be a real father and partner to Sabrina!

"No joy is complete if not shared." amish proverb.

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